The journal

I have always believed that the person’s journey starts only when he tries to look for, ‘Who is she/he?'( ‘wandering for looking someone’….yess! “Who is me”)and it’s a human’s trait to share your part and parcel of your journey, we always get excited to tell, whom have we met, what have we learned, whose personality attracted us the most- is it any bird or flower or insect; well anything can become your influencer throughout your journey 🍃🍃

Journal is the greatest friend, who walks along with you and listens to all your excitements and indifference. Enjoy!! “THE JOURNAL, journey of the most beautiful soul” as yours📖✏️💌


“Even if, I don’t know you I wish you hello!! in the journey of your soul. Hope you will reach your desired destination through the most adventurous path”✨✨